A Good Method For Mounting Your Horse

In the video below, I’d like to talk to you a little bit about mounting technique.

You may be thinking that there’s not much to it.

But, with all things horses, everything is connected.

A saddle cinch that’s too tight or pinches the horse could lead to biting, bucking, or something else.

Also, please ignore my cat in this video.

He wants to be a star so bad, but I keep telling him that this is about horses, not cats.

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Carson James

Carson James' background is in Vaquero Horsemanship. For the majority of his career, he worked on cattle ranches where he rode horses all day, every day. He was often in situations where he either had to figure out how to help the horse understand, or it could easily turn into a life or death situation. Carson now travels the country putting on training clinics teaching people the fundamentals of Horsemanship. He has a unique way of breaking things down where they're easy to understand, both for the horse and the human.