First Step To Becoming A Leader

When I changed the name of the Carson James Membership to the “Buckaroo Crew” at the beginning of this year I also introduced a new feature called “Tasks”.

Tasks are quick 5-6 minute videos that give you an immediate training technique you can implement right now and see a positive result in your horse.

We’ve added 8 of them to the Buckaroo Crew members site as of now and we add more each week.

The first task we put up was called “Becoming A Leader”.

It’s just a quick exercise you can do with your horse to get his attention and help convince him that you are the leader he can confidently follow.

And I wanted to share that task with you today for free.

As with every task, I’m also including the PDF cheat sheet to go along with it to help you remember what to do.

Also, if you’d like to get access to all the other tasks, plus my library of training courses and problem solving videos, you can go to this link and get a free 14 day trial to the Buckaroo Crew:

Hope you enjoy this task, Becoming a Leader:

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And here’s the PDF cheat sheet to go with it:

About The Author

Carson James

Carson James' background is in Vaquero Horsemanship. For the majority of his career, he worked on cattle ranches where he rode horses all day, every day. He was often in situations where he either had to figure out how to help the horse understand, or it could easily turn into a life or death situation. Carson now travels the country putting on training clinics teaching people the fundamentals of Horsemanship. He has a unique way of breaking things down where they're easy to understand, both for the horse and the human.