Is Your Horse Straight?

The perfect place for your horse to be is straight in between your legs and reins. This place is called being ‘neutral’ or ‘straight’. And this is the place where

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On The Trail

Of course, every rider wants to stay safe on the trail. Trail riding can be great mental therapy for both the horse and the rider. It should be an enjoyable

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One of the most beneficial, and most neglected, exercises we can do with our horses is up/down speed transitions. There is something almost magical that is accomplished by consistently doing

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Successful Horse Training

You don’t have to be a professional horse trainer to successfully train a horse. You may have been told that it takes months and months of intervention by an experienced

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how to ride a horse

How To Ride A Horse

I must start this off by saying that I don’t really believe any human can teach another human how to ride a horse. The horse must teach you that. The

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