Handling The Feet

You can convince your horse to allow you (or anyone) to easily handle his feet in only a few short sessions. You will need to pick up your horse’s feet

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Separation Anxiety

A horse that has separation anxiety suffers from the same root problem as a horse that is buddy sour, barn sour, or gate sour. Any object a horse is drawn

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Out Of Control Horse

Asking what you should do when your horse gets out of control (bucking, bolting, rearing, etc) is kinda like asking what to do when you drive out of your lane

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Horse Myths

There are too many myths floating around the horse world today. In this article, we will address the top 8 horse myths, explain what they are, and why they need

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dont blame the horse

Don’t Blame The Horse

If a horse feels the need to bolt, rear, buck, and resists leaving his buddy or the barn, then negative human interaction has caused him to be that way. Don’t

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