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Shoulders And Hips

Shoulder and hip control are a crucial part of the foundation that should be built into every horse. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a performance rider or a trail rider

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Release The Tension

A horse will never be light and responsive until the tension in his body is released. As your horsemanship improves, you should be able to feel when the horse is

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Standing Still

Never neglect to perfect the art of standing still. It is vitally important that your horse can shut down and stand in one spot without any random or self-imposed movement. The

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Horse Behavior

When your horse's behavior seems uncooperative, is he feeling angry, being stubborn, or is he simply just confused?  No matter what the cause, the solution doesn’t change. This article will provide

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Horse Stall Or Pasture

It’s the age old question: Is my horse better off in a stall or in the pasture?  To begin, I am well aware that some horse owners don’t have the luxury

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Head Tossing

The process to fix head tossing is to first discover why the horse feels the need to toss his head. Start by ruling out any physical causes with a vet and

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