If your horse doesn't pass the "safety checks" revealed on this DVD, then it's a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. These critical "checks" aren't easy to spot and usually go completely unnoticed until something bad happens. People tell me all the time how their horse is going along fine, and then all of the sudden, they start bucking, bolting, or misbehaving. And in this DVD, I'm going to address that by showing you why it happens and how to help prevent it from happening.

On This DVD You'll Discover...

  • How to teach your horse to respect your personal space because if he's pushy, disrespectful, or inattentive on the ground then he'll be the same way when you're on his back
  • How to make your horse LOVE IT when you're riding on his back instead of just tolerating you being up there
  • How to free up your horse's feet so that he'll also be freed up in his mind and in his body which will make his confidence soar
  • How to ride without fear and convince your horse that you're a leader that he willingly trusts and follows
  • How to practice proper rein management because poor rein management is one of the main causes of bucking, bolting, and rearing